Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who is responsible..!!

As I saw the bihar floods on TV and my freinds expressed their sympathy at the pithy state of people being marooned , without food , almost barely existing... Almost surprisingly I was smirking. The only thought in my mind was "serves them right"...
Why? before you accuse me of being a sadist let me explain why do I feel no sympathy for this kind of administrative failure. I will start with a few examples.

Bihar floods- The floods started because of lack of co-ordination and urgency shown by both Nepal and Bihar. However the blame comes on to Bihar because it stood (and has) to suffer the slap. That the administration has failed to deliver is an open secret. That people have been let down is the major war cry . Fine all that is great on the years...But but but..
Let me dwell on the major culprit of this tragedy. Its not the CM , its the people of bihar. Day in and day out by a selective caste based democratic weeding they have consistently favoured caste and religion over efficiency. Politics doesnt develop over a day and the majority decides the kind of people that stay in power. The biharis as a majority have voted for caste rather than administration. Is it any surprise that administration has failed them over and over again. 
An intelligent guy learns by his mistake ..but not biharis. They will go ahead and do the same stuff again and blame the system. They will die as insects and still hold on to their culture of Caste. Hence I have no sympathy for such idiots who do not understand wats good for them.

Singur- Singurs land prices hiked up by 4 times when TATA got involved. For the state of west bengal this plant was god sent but they are on the verge of squandering it all. In the name of janam bhoomi they are losing jobs and income. And being naive they are used as football by politicians. But are they so helpless? I do not think so. If they are interseted in improving their lives why sit silent when they see their livelihood being depleted? Why go ahead and kick the hand that feeds them? Why hold on to the fig leaf of sovreignity when the next day's food is not gurateed. As of what i see next TATA will move out and soon the land will be cut out within CPI cadres. The "poor" on whose name the fight is being fought will again go back to their hand to mouth existence till they die of hunger. Again simple stupidity by idiots who can't identify the difference between pragmatism and idealism.

We always blame the politicians for he ills of society. I beg to differ. Politicians are like entertainers ..if you want them to do a classical dance they will compete with each other to learn Kathak,if you want them to do a striptease they will do it till they have a skeleton left....
Inshort ..u can make them do wat u want..provided they see a vote in it.
The reason Mr Raj Thakeray is boomin is because there is a tacit approval of his tactics from Marathis. A few soundbites from miniscule educated marathis is not the approval he seeks..The majority wants him to do what he is doing.
Similar is the case with Ahmedabad riots. It might be an inconvinient truth but the people of gujurat were by and large anti-muslim and the riots were people propelled..why blame Modi for it. If the people didnt want it..there would have been no riots.
Today majority of muslims are suspect of terrorism..but can it be denied that there is a strong undercurrent of truth in that?

Its the people who decide their future and their short term actions have far reaching long term results. Today a Dam is stopped tomorrow there will be power shortage ,power shortage means lesser work, means low standard of living, means poverty means hunger ..means human tragedy. But these people will oppose a dam because they like environment better than their children. Who can save the Kalidas who cuts the same branch that he sits on?

The most dangerous man is a man who is not selfish. Because his actions are unpredictable and sometimes suicidal. Why should I feel any sympathy for a man who attempts regular suicide.

Hence when there are floods, bridge collabse, temple tragedies or man made disasters I know it has been made because the same guys who are sufferers are the cause of the tragedy..

Hence I smirk and enjoy another longterm disaster of short sighted people....!! And flick over to see the plastic abs to Rakhi sawant..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rock on!!

Dialogue writing is such a difficult art. Its like making the perfect biryani. If its good its barely noticable if its bad its stinks. The stink spoils the entire table. 
Thankfully films like "rock on" have dialogues that err..rock. The beauty of the film should have ideally been the music but its the dialogues that steal the thunder. I sometimes wonder how do these guys get into heads of people..? I mean its not easy to write like people think. I have been trying my best to write a peice of sentence thats not lifted from already existing literature....

Especially the interaction between aditya and his wife...Maaannn!!! This is one original peice of talk that hits on your face. I sympatize with aditya ..while i also know that even his wife is right. 
Women have a logic so twisted that its easy to dismiss them as crazy but even they are convinced that they are  right. Not only that they try to convince others about their "right" path. They want the "whole" thing ..not in parts. Its so disgusting..Anyway I am digressing. 
This is supposed to be about the film not about women. Anyway the latter subject is still under active research....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The followers..!!!

I would like to believe in an innocent world . A world where things are fair, where dogs are cute, where people are generally nice and well meaning ...where workers are self motivated and capitalists are philanthropists. I would love to believe in a world which believes in love , where people fall in love and stay in love , where emotions are pure and clean...!! I would love to believe ..provided its real.

The fact is that this is not true. The world with all its jagged edges is not fair. Everyone realises it . But the most disgusting fact is that some people refuse to acknowledge it and continue to advertise and sell their concept of a pink pink strawberry world to the gullible lot who really dont mind getting mentally spoonfed. What makes the offer even more smelly is that these sales guy/girls are themselves a product of the real world and practice exact opposite of what they preach.

But the most dangerous people are not these salesmen..the most dangerous are the idiots who buy these ideas. They are the ones who make the world a jittery place. Since their conviction is based on borrowed ideas they stand stubborn in their claim to the originality of the idea. The will fight and die like insects for these on-rent ideas. Thats not so much for their conviction as much as it is for the recognition of their mundane lives.Assiociation with big ideas gives them a chance to be a part of a bigger chaos and grab their corner of limelight which would have never otherwise come their way. Its more of a psychological manifestation of severe underconfidance.

These are the people who form the lines of Indian Idol, of MTV Splitsvilla, of Shiv Sena, Raj Thakeray and Al qaeda...These are the devouts infront of shirdi sai baba, and these are the wannabes who roll their "R's" in anticipation of the american dream, these are the ones who wear their patriotism on their sleeves ....These are the PETA guys who never ever face a mad dog on the streets, these are the Narmada bachao party who never face the crunch of lack of development...These are people who perpetrate the exact disease they seek to cure.

These are the termites one should be aware and beware of...!!!