Friday, July 10, 2009

My TV Times

I am not much of a TV watcher ..But while seeing the show called "India s got talent" I was set on thinking on one topic...Lets say two topics.
Topic One- Class Layers
I feel that stratification of human societal hierarchical layers is a reality and it will happen , no matter how much socialism you try to inject. There will be poor and rich ..there will be social classes. Its a fact of the human society that can be ignored at its own peril.

Now what differentiates a progressive and upcoming society is not the absence of class layers but something which I would call the " ease of transport"

Which means that one guy can travel the barrier with his own efforts and has to stay in his layer of choice only thru his own talents and efforts. For example as I saw in the show ,there is a mechanism to make the "poor" class the "rich" class.

Its a superficial show no doubt but it incorporates the "reward &punishment" philosophy that is the hallmark of all great social systems.

Its that method which eases the flow between layers of society . This ease is what is cool about the way India is moving.

Topic two-Article 377
The second was about article 377 which was the subject of much debate. Hearing the debates on TV made me think that how stupid we are. I mean I am actually thinking that how come we have so much time to debate if Anal Sex is a criminal act?
Wat that hell !! If some one wants to have sex watever way how does it matter to society at large? How does that matter? Dont we have better things in life?
And why shud the homosexualism be criminalised? I seriously dont understand the logic. I am yet to see the connection between homosexuality and the holocaust or similar activities conducted by "healthy" minded heterosexuals.And this makes me feel depressed about India.

We can accept bad roads , bad sewerage, bad accounts ..but when it comes to homosexuals we are "oh so offended" .What shit is this? What one does in his/her bedroom is suddenly more important than medical facilities or infrastructure?

The point I am trying to make is that there is no basis of such "Criminalisation" when it has been scientifically proved that most men/women are born homosexuals. So wats the big deal. Let them get along with their lives.

Or lets have a law that says that having sex with your wife on sundays and religious holidays is criminal offence. Why not? As religions forbid do they forbid any thing except praying on sundays! So no sex on sundays...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Making life simpler

I feel that we all have the capacity to make life simpler and more enjoyable in every aspect. The secret is to cut out peripherals. The corollary being that we waste major time on minor issues . Its evident in every aspect of our lives.
I will start with a simple example. I remember the time when I was very young and we had to travel by train. I remember that it was an evolution in itself. My mom would get up in the early morning ..cut and cook vegetables ..rice etc for journey. Fill in water bottles...pack cutlery and plates, dad would check that the towels are packed, every paper is ready, the fruits are packed and the auto is called in time etc etc. All this for a journey which would last at most 4 hrs.

Now I dont want to argue the parental love part of it. I am pretty clear about that. What I want to project is the fact that this evolution could be made simpler if you can cut out the peripherals . For example why should you worry the whole night about preparing food when its not necessary to have home made food in 4-5 hrs. Infact you have wasted 2 hrs in making food which could have been avoided by buying snacks.

I feel we do all this because we do not want to "miss out" any aspect. We want it "all" . So we want home made food, served in great plates and top it up by a great dessert. Why ? Why is it necessary to have all this? And why should we get into so much of trouble for so less pleasure?

The solution is to limit the search space for hapiness. And by that I mean to cut out peripheral issue. In the above example..the peripherals would be home made food, fresh towels, cutlery..etc. The essentials would be drinking water and the ticket.

Similarly if I concentrate on fewer things I will be able to do them better. Fewer freinds, fewer relatives, fewer obligations and fewer wants. I need not have everything ..In fact I have boiled down my wants to only one thing "Hapiness".
I will do things that lead me towards this simple want. I need not waste my time on peripherals like Social obligations, moral sense etc. If the peripherals can be avoided I will avoid them..if they cant be I will compromise till I can escape.
If I do something it will be purely from my hapiness point of view. There is no other logic. If I am happy killing some one I will do that ..! If I feel like learning a software I will do that ...If I feel like travelling I will do that.
My hapiness is the no frill aim of my life and that will make my life simpler . And thats the beaty of cutting out peripherals. Fewer issues, better focus and efficient use of resources.