Sunday, June 27, 2010

I may not be the wisest bloke...

I may not be the wisest bloke...
But I am not really a fool u know...
I see rains for rains as they are..
And I see the snow for snow..

I may not say a smart word today..
I may keep shut...
Its another thing to be a dandy cookie..
and another thing to an observer but..

Games that people play...
May not end up in joys always..
I dont want this game ..
For this I really do not enjoy..

You may want to play the games...
That you have always played and won..
Wont work with me ,dude
for me the game is not on...

You can say your sweet words ..
And I will nod to same..
my mind will shake its light head..
and ponder over your words so lame..

You can thump your chest and proclaim the win..
Over wits,money and fame ..
I am walking away from you ..
for me its all the same..

You have lost the game with me..
It doesnt matter what you say..
you are out of my sphere , dude..
it doesnt matter what you lay..

Goodbye to your games and saccharin talk..
we will see who wins ...
Who fakes a victory of life..
And who really walks the walk..

I may not be the wisest bloke...
But I am not really a fool u know...
I see rains for rains as they are..
And I see the snow for snow..

It doesnt take much to break.

It doesnt take much to break..
A word , touch or a simple shake..
Lightly put at the wrong place ..
Does the mind it displace..
A crack , a tear..
a whimper of fear..
a sound ..
a persona wound..
gives away to unfair wind..
questions that bind...
on the precipice of thought..
of threads sold and bought..
who thinks of wat happens..
when the mind stiffens...
A crash a bang ...
wasnt always what rang..
Love can die a silent death..
without a funeral ,without a wreath
A ceremony isnt all that one needs..
a scratch is all that bleeds...

Not interested..

I dont know if everyone goes through a phase in life where he/she is somewhere not interested in wat goes around. But I somehow have a strong feeling of passing through that stage where actually very little bothers me and I am really interested in a very narrow range of things...

I have this feeling that somehow I am observing the world from a height where I can point out the futility of it all, life ,relationships etc. Sometimes I find the seriousness of others actually puzzling. Seriousness about life ..about small things in life . sometimes I actually virtually tap them on the shoulders and say ' err why dont we grow up?"..

Most things actually look petty to me nowadays. And more so when people make sweeping statements ,I feel like saying " how come u are so sure of that?". There is a certain lack of belief in any system that I find creeping inside me and instead of being scared I am quite enjoying it.

The flip side of this whole expierance is that I have started looking down on some kind of persons..persons who feel that they are important,persons who are self proclaimed martyrs, persons who are very sure of their faith, persons who are manipulative, persons who refuse to acknowledge what lies before them...and many more.
I dont think thats a great idea to look down on some one ..because that makes me very negative about most of the things. Its difficult to have faith when u look down on people . Its not a good thing ...maybe.

so wat do i feel like doing..

I want to take a vacation with my sketchpad and go to Diu and finish 100 sketches a day ..I want to fill all the sketchbooks i have bought..finish all the colors I have...I want to take a short course on applied mathematics..learn matlab better...i want to write a story...i just want to sit and look at people...I want to read ayn rand...I want to drive ...i want to learn proper gymming..

And not really feel like doing..
talking to stupid people, attending stupid functions, giving stupid exams and doing stupid mundane things which really have a negative contribution on my grey matter..